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We believe it’s time the American people had real choices of affordable health coverage and care to fit their needs.  American Health Care Choices is the Galen Institute’s latest project to offer news and analysis about policy developments to help achieve that goal.

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ObamaCare was Wrong for America because the law centralized control with Washington bureaucrats over crucially important personal decisions about our health care.  The American people are demanding lower costs, more choices, and greater freedom in their Health Care Choices.

The pro-market policy community, meeting as the Health Policy Consensus Group, has converged around a new generation of reform—the Health Care Choices proposal.  You can read more about the proposal, the long list of supporters, testimonials, and news reports here.

American Health Care Choices is your destination website to follow developments about our pro-consumer ideas and why they are needed due to Obamacare’s continuing struggles.  And join us on these pages to follow the lively debate to come over whether America will have more or less government control over our health sector.


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